January 26, 2017



Chizuko Imado (NY) 

Sarah Bell (NC)



Tomoko Oguro (Osaka, Japan)


Yumi Yu (Tront, Canada)



Keiko Hirai (HI), Kunitsugu Onishi (Kobe, Japan), Jyunpei Narasaki (HI)

2016 Spring Newsletter (P2)

2016 春のニュースレター (P2)


Megan Boone

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the Mentorship Conference.  I am trying to grow the Japanese student outreach, and it was so encouraging to meet so many Japanese Christians who want to share the Gospel.  I believe that everyone who has a heart of Japanese ministry can enjoy this conference.  This time was a blessing for me in so many ways. “