April 19, 2018



タイトル:アクティブリスニング(積極的傾聴) By 石田みちよ&大黒智子



タイトル:メンタリングをやってみよう!〜準備への勧め〜 By ポール真弓




English Workshop 1

Seminar Title: Unlocking the Japanese Heart Through Understanding Worldview     By Anne Crescini


English Workshop 2

Seminar Title:
The Differences Between Mentoring and Coaching: How Both Help the Church Make Disciples of All Nations     By Jeremy Brooks

In this workshop, you will learn the nature of mentoring and coaching – both similarities and differences. We will also examine how these approaches can be best used, according to your gifts, personality, and church/ministry situation. Both approaches have proven to be effective in disciple making. This workshop will enable you to incorporate mentoring and coaching into your own ministry.


English Workshop 3

Seminar Title: Intentional Discipleship     By Riz Crescini

To be a follower of Jesus is to help others follow Him. To achieve this, it is essential that believers are intentional with discipleship relationships. How do we, as individuals and as a community, live out our walk with the Lord? Let us explore and look at practical ways to help others follow Jesus.